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Rudolf Stingel Untitled, 2004
Born 1954

Rudolf Stingel

Some artists work with the mediums they have available, while others expand into new and fascinating media. Rudolf Stingel clearly belongs in the latter category, and for more than two decades this amazing artist has brought abstract concepts like time and space to life. By taking the abstract idea of time and rendering it palpable for audiences, Rudolf Stingel has invigorated the art world and influenced a whole new generation of artists.


Through his works, Rudolf Stingel has constantly examined the very nature of memory, giving viewers something to ponder as well as something to look at. In doing so, Rudolf Stingel has expanded the very definition of painting and increased its power.


In more than 20 years in the art world, Rudolf Stingel has experimented with a wide range of mediums, including some not typically associated with the world of fine art. A case in point are his abstract paintings of the 1980s, wrought from tulle silver. These works gained immediate acclaim, and engendered great interest among collectors excited by this new form of artistic expression.


Rudolf Stingel did not rest on his laurels or rely on the past successes of his tulle silver paintings. As the years progressed, the mediums changed, and the tulle silver paintings of the 1990s gave way to large installations of carpet. These carpet installations brought new life to the beauty of surfaces and spaces, giving the works a melancholy new feel and bringing visitor interaction to a whole new level.


These days, Rudolf Stingel is once again experimenting with new media and new forms of artistic expression. His latest canvases feature rich shades of gold, and they embody the very concepts of time and action. Always a prolific artist, Rudolf Stingel continues to produce vast amounts of work, but his production quantity has not diminished the value of his individual works.


This prolific and enduring popular artist was born in Merano, Italy in 1956, and he showed a real affinity for painting and other forms of artistic expression right from the start. Throughout his years of training, Rudolf Stingel continued to experiment with new forms of expression, and that dedication to growth has paid off in a big way.


Rudolf Stingel has exhibited his unique paintings in a variety of venues, including major museums, prestigious galleries and well known public and private collections around the world. In just the past couple of years, Rudolf Stingel has exhibited his works in solo exhibitions in Switzerland, major contemporary art museums throughout Italy and modern art museums in Germany.


Rudolf Stingel has been just as successful in the United States as he has been in Europe, and major shows have been launched at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, at the Grand Central Terminal in New York City and at the nearby Whitney Museum.


Throughout his life and career, Rudolf Stingel has also racked up some prestigious awards, including some of the most well known prizes in the industry. One of Rudolf Stingel's most recent critical successes culminated in the awarding of a second place prize for the Best Monographic Museum Show. This honor was awarded by the U.S. Art Critics Association, further proof that Rudolf Stingel is as beloved by his peers as he is by his avid collectors.


Rudolf Stingel continues to create great works of art and experiment with new and unique forms of artistic expression. As prolific as ever, Rudolf Stingel is still producing vast quantities of paintings and other works of conceptual art, much to the delight of critics, collectors, gallery owners and museum-goers around the world.


These days, Rudolf Stingel splits his time between his native Italy and his adopted home country of the United States. Rudolf Stingel currently maintains a home and studio space in both New York City and in Merano, Italy.


With many years still ahead of him, Rudolf Stingel is looking forward to a long and successful career as a conceptual artist and painter. Whether he is creating large scale carpeted artworks or stunning silver tulle and rich golden works of art, fans can rely on him to stun, and to inspire. With more than 20 years behind him, it is very clear that Rudolf Stingel has many more years to go.

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